Below are listed in random order the books I used in doing the research for this Sixteen Part Series on the Creation/Evolution Controversy. Scriptural quotes are from the New International Version (NIV) unless otherwise noted.


Right from the start: by David M. Founts, 2015

The Encyclopedia of Evolution: (Humanity's Search for its Origins) by Richard Milner with forward by Stephen Jay Gould) 1990

The Book of Life: (An Illustrated History of the Evolution of Life on Earth) by various contributors and edited by Stephen Jay Gould 1993

On the Origin of Species by means of Natural Selection: by Charles Darwin 1859

In the Beginning: (Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood) by Walt Brown Ph.D. 2001

Signature in the Cell: (DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design) by Ste phen C. Meyer 2009

Why We Believe in Creation, Not in Evolution: by John Meldau 1968

Why Evolution is True: by Jerry A. Coyne 2009

The Blind Watch Maker: (Why the Evidence of Evolution Reveals a Universe without Design) by Richard Dawkins 1996

Debating Design: (From Darwin to DNA) Various authors. Edited by William Dembski and Michael Ruse 2006

Genesis and Geology: (A Study in the Relations of Scientific thought, Natural theology and Social opinion in Great Britain, 1790-1850) by Charles Coulston Gillispie 1969

Why Evolution is a Fraud: (A Secular & Common-Sense Deconstruction) by Tom Sutcliff 2007

The Language of God: (A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief) by Francis S. Collins 2007

Evolution from Creation to New Creation: (Conflict, Conversation and Convergence) by Ted Peters and Martinez Hewlett 2003

The Age of the Universe: (What are the Biblical Limits?) by Gorman Gray 2005

Without Form And Void: by Arthur C. Custance, (third printing 2008)

Genetic Entropy: (The Mystery of the Genome) by Dr. J.C. Sanford 2008

Not by Chance!: (Shattering the Modern Theory of Evolution) by Dr. Lee Spetner 1998

Saving Darwin: (How to be a Christian and Believe in Evolution) by Karl W Giberson with forward by Francis Collins 2008

Darwin's Black Book: (A Biochemical Challenge to Evolution) by Michael J. Behe 1996

The Edge of Evolution: (The Search for the Limits of Darwinism) by Michael Behe 2007

Thank God for Evolution: (How the Marriage of Science and Religion will Transform Your Life and our World) by Michael Dowd 2006

Godless: (How an Evangelical Preacher became one of America's Leading Atheists) by Dan Barker with forward by Richard Dawkins 2008

Why I Became an Atheist: (A Former Preacher Rejects Christianity) by John W. Loftus 2008

The God Delusion: by Richard Dawkins

Thousands...Not Billions: (Challenging an Icon of Evolution, Questioning the Age of the Earth) by Dr. Don DeYoung 2006

The Genesis Flood: (The Biblical Record and its Scientific Implications) by John Whitcomb Jr. and Henry M. Morris 1961

The First Genesis: (A New Case for Creation) by William E. Dankenbring 1975

After Its Kind: by Byron C. Nelson 1967

The Deluge Story in Stone: (A History of the flood theory of geology) by Byron C. Nelson with forward by Henry M. Morris 1968

The Evolution Handbook: by Vance Ferrell 2006

In Six Days: (Why Fifty Scientists choose to believe in Creation) by John F. Ashton, Ph.D. 2005

Dismantling the Big Bang: (God's Universe Rediscovered) by Alex Williams and John Hartnett, Ph.D. 2006

Creation as Science: (A Testable Model Approach to end the Creation/Evolution Wars) by Hugh Ross 2006

A Matter of Days: (Resolving a Creation Controversy) by Hugh Ross 2004

The Genesis Question: (Scientific Advances and the Accuracy of Genesis) by Hugh Ross 1998

Refuting Compromise: (A Biblical and Scientific Refutation of Progressive Creationism (Billions of Years) As Popularized by Astronomer Hugh Ross) by Jonathan Sarfati Ph.D. 2004

Starlight & Time: (Solving the Puzzle of Distant Starlight in a Young Universe) by D. Russell Humphereys, Ph.D. with forward by Ken Ham 2006

The Age of the Earth: G. Brent Dalrymple 1991

Developmental Plasticity and Evolution: by Mary Jane West - Eberhard 2003

The Case for a Creator: (A Journalist Investigates Scientific Evidence that Points to God) by Lee Strobel 2004

God and Evolution: (The Implications of Darwin's Theory for Fundamentalism, the Bible and the Meaning of Life) by Daniel Samson 2006

The Genesis Enigma: (Why The Bible is Scientifically Accurate) by Andres Parker 2009

Dinosaur: (Scientific Evidence that Dinosaurs and Men Walked Together) by Carl E. Baugh, Ph.D. 1987

Adam and the Genome: (Reading Scripture after Genetic Science) by Dennis R Venema and Scot McKnight 2017

Genealogical Adam & Eve: (The Surprising Science of Universal Ancestry) by S. Joshua Swamidass 2019

Searching for Adam: (Genesis and the Truth about Man's Origin) by Terry Mortenson, Ph.D. 2016

Surprised by Scripture: (Engaging Contemporary issues) by N.T. Wright 2014

Theistic Evolution: (A Scientific, Philosophical and Theological Critique) forward by Steve Fuller and edited by J.P. Moreland, Stephen C. Meyer, Christopher Shaw, Ann K. Gauger and Wayne Gredem 2017