Direct links to the essays listed below are on the home page where a short overview of each essay or series of essays is presented.  Below is an alphabetical listing of the titles listed on the Home Page with a direct link to those titles.  Also below is an alphabetical listing of these titles according to their subject matter with a direct link to these titles. 



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Are the Biblical Scriptures Reliable?                                    

Commentary on "The Purpose Driven Life"                        

Commentary on The Revelation                                          

Creation versus Evolution Controversy                           

Did John write the Fourth Gospel?                                      

Does The Fig Tree Represent Israel?                                    

Evidence For The Resurrection of Jesus                             

Faith, Repentance, Baptism and Salvation                         

Hebrews: A Study In Covenantal Transition                        

Homosexuality and Christianity                                          

Old Testament Prophecies Fulfilled in Christ                      

Origin and Significance of Satan and Demons                    

Passover and the Crucifixion                                               

Passover and the Exodus                                                      

Predestination or Freewill                                                                                   

Significance of the Dead Sea Scrolls                                    

The Christmas Controversy                                                 

The God Of Jesus                                                                 

Standing Before God: (The Grace/Works Issue)                  

The Laws of Clean and Unclean                                          

The Nature Of The Holy Spirit                                              

The Tongues Issue                                                                

The Star Of Bethlehem                                                         

Three Days and Three Nights                                                    

What Happens After Death?                                                  

What Is Holiness?                                                                   

What Is and What Ain't                                                         

What Is The Kingdom Of God?                                               

When Does Christ Return?                                                    

Which Day Is The Christian Sabbath?                                  


Alphabetical listing and direct

link to Essays presented on Home Page

according to subject matter

After Life (What happens after physical death)

Authorship of the Fourth Gospel (Was it John or someone else?)

Biblical Reliability (Are the Scriptures trustworthy?)

Christmas Controversy (Discussion of objections to celebrating Christmas)

Covenantal Transition (Discussion of Old and New Covenant dynamics)

Creation versus Evolution (A comprehensive examination of this issue)

Crucifixion and the Passover (What was the meal eaten the night before the crucifixion?)

Dead Sea Scrolls (There impact on Biblical scholarship)

Exodus and the Passover (When did the Israelites leave Egypt?)

Faith, Repentance, Baptism and Salvation (The interaction of these four dynamics)

Fig Tree and Israel (Does Jesus use the fig tree to represent Israel?)

Grace/Works issue (Is it grace alone or are works required for salvation?)

Hebrews (An overview of covenantal transition)

Holiness (What is holiness?)

Holy Spirit (What is the Holy Spirit?)

Homosexuality and Christianity (A Biblical perspective on homosexual behavior)

Kingdom of God (What is the Kingdom of God?)

Laws of Clean and Unclean (Old Covenant Law and Christianity)   

Predestination versus Freewill (A comprehensive discussion of this issue)

Prophecies fulfilled in Christ (Do Old Testament prophecies predict the Christ event?)

Purpose Driven Life (An examination of Rick Warren's book, "The Purpose Drive Life")

Resurrection of Jesus (An examination of the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus)

Revelation (When are the prophecies of the Revelation fulfilled?)

Return of Christ (When does Christ return?)

Sabbath (Is keeping the Sabbath required under the New Covenant?)

Speaking in Tongues (Is present day tongues speaking a gift of the Spirit?)

Star of Bethlehem (Discussion of various perspectives as to the nature of the star)

Satan and the Demons (A Scriptural overview)

Three Days and Three Nights (How long was Jesus in the tomb?)

Trinity/Incarnation (Is God a Tri-unity of Father, Son and Spirit?  Was Jesus God in the flesh?)